Web Design

Your website is the most important part of your company's web presence. We can develop your web pages to complement and incorporate your existing logos and corporate colours. Whether you are looking for a brand new website or adjustments to an existing site, we use the latest web design trends and keep the following criteria in mind:
  • Easy site navigation
  • Fast download of text and images, with no compromise on quality
  • Contact form with verification - your email address is not exposed to email address harvesters 
  • Print-friendly - when the user chooses to print a page, the page is optimised for printing
  • Mobile/Tablet-friendly - optimised for visitors using mobile phones and tablets
  • Cross-browser compatible - we test on IE, Chrome, Firefox, and Safari browsers, ensuring that your website is optimised for visitors using the various operating systems.

Web Applications

A web-based application is any application that uses a web browser as a client. The advantages of web applications over desktop applications include:

  • the burden of deploying in each client machine is avoided
  • there is no need to version check on each client machine
  • updates are easier
  • bug fixes are easier
  • can be accessed from anywhere, and many types of device, such as tablets, mobiles, etc..

Web & Email Hosting

We provide standard web and email hosting, which puts you website on the Internet, allowing you to access your email in a variety of ways, including, Outlook, via a webmail interface, and on your smartphone. We also provide advanced business class email which delivers reliable email with multi-layered spam filtering.

Features include:

  • Premium spam and virus protection - a three stage filter stops spam and viruses before they enter your mailbox.
  • 25GB space - no need to delete. Each mailbox stores around 10 years worth of emails.
  • 50MB attachements - your inbox won't choke up on photos, videos and other large file attachments.
  • Ad-Free - Unlike hosted email services like Google Gmail, Microsoft Hotmail and Yahoo Email, you won't see ads.